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Introducing Zooma® photocopier & scanner enlarging and reducing templates

Zooma® enlarging and reducing templates will show you instantly what ‘zoom factor’ to use on a flatbed photocopier or scanner with zoom facility.

Whether you want to enlarge a small image or reduce a large one, Zooma® templates will enable you to do it accurately, and in the minimum number of steps.  In most cases (depending on the capability of the scanner or photocopier you are using), you will only need to make a single copy to obtain the image size you require.  If the zoom range of the scanner or photocopier is limited, simply enlarge or reduce as much as possible, then use Zooma® templates on the copy to determine the extra zoom required to further enlarge or reduce the image.

Zooma® enlarging and reducing templates are truly universal in two respects:

  1. Because they are translucent, they may be used either over or under an image, whichever is more appropriate.  For example, to make an enlarged copy of part of a page, place the enlarging template over the area to be copied, and read the ‘zoom factor’ required.  To enlarge a small original, such as a postcard, place the item on top of the template and read the required ‘zoom factor’.
  2. Zooma® enlarging and reducing templates are normally supplied as an ‘A4 version’ set, but if you occasionally need to enlarge to, or reduce from any other size, simply make a suitable enlarged or reduced copy of the appropriate template.  This copy may be then used as an improvised (interim) template.  You can even use the templates on each other to determine the ‘zoom factors’ required for making such alternative format templates.

Get it right 1st time every time

Never again should you have to make repeated trial copies to achieve an acceptable result.  Neither should you have to measure and calculate what percentage enlargement or reduction is required.

 Zooma® enlarging and reducing templates will save you time, reduce paper, ink and toner wastage, and eliminate the frustration arising from incorrectly sized copies.   These high quality, low cost templates will prove invaluable in almost every office environment where photocopying or image scanning are routinely carried out.


Other formats

Since most new documents throughout the world are now printed in ISO (International Standards Organization) ‘A4’ format, Zooma® templates are normally supplied in ‘A4 version’ sets.  By special order however, Zooma® photocopier and scanner enlarging and reducing templates may be available in other formats.  Please email or write to Woodburn Innovations Pty Ltd with requests for sets of Zooma® templates in formats other than ‘A4’  (e.g.  ‘A3’, ‘A5’, ‘B5’, etc.).  As a contingency measure, you may simply create improvised (interim) templates of other formats by making enlarged or reduced copies of the standard ‘A4’ templates.


Considerable effort has been expended in producing Zooma® enlarging and reducing templates and the Zooma® Margin Finder ©.  They are as accurate, economical, durable, safe, attractive, and as easy to use as we can make them, and are covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.  In the unlikely event that you encounter a material or manufacturing defect with Zooma® products, or if you are not completely satisfied with them, simply return them (with a valid receipt) to the place of purchase within 30 days of purchase for a full refund or replacement.

$20 AUD Postage and handling extra

Zooma®  enlarging and reducing templates (provisional patent no. 2002950881),
and the Zooma® Margin Finder © are 100% Australian designed and manufactured.

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