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Draft Stoppa Assembly and Normal installation
-Please read carefully:

flap retainers

Place one unassembled half body on a flat surface and slide the other unassembled half body into the corresponding side slots until they click into place (see diagram).

Ensure that the two central ridge connectors are properly pressed together.

body STEP 2
Identify the flap retainers (one round hole and one slotted hole on each half of the 'Draft Stoppa' body.  Fit each flap by inserting the pin on the appropriate end of the flap into the corresponding retainer hole on the body of the 'Draft Stoppa' , and then gently click the pin at the other end of the flap into the opposing slotted retainer.  Both flaps should now pivot freely.
flap retainers STEP 3
Place the assembled 'Draft Stoppa' unit over the top of the ceiling exhaust fan in the ceiling space.
  STEP 4
Position the fan power lead in one of the notches provided.
fan test STEP 5
Test operate  the fan, and ensure that the 'Draft Stoppa' flaps operate smoothly.

draft stoppa components

‘3 IN 1 Heat/Light/Fan’ Installation instructions:

ceiling fitting

‘3 in 1 Heat/Light/Fan’ Safety Note
-Please read carefully:

'Draft Stoppa' is adaptable to "3-in-1 heat/light/fan ceiling units" that discharge air directly into a roof cavity.  They are NOT SUITABLE for devices that vent directly to the exterior atmosphere (e.g. via a shaft, duct or flue).

When installing the 'Draft Stoppa' , it is important that you read, understand, and follow the installation instructions supplied by the "3-in-1 heat/light/fan ceiling unit" manufacturer.

When installing the 'Draft Stoppa' over a combination ceiling exhaust fan/heating unit, it is important to ensure that the 'Draft Stoppa' is never becomes overheated.  This can be achieved by having a licensed electrician modify the switch wiring so that the heating circuit switches are in series with the fan switch. The heating switches are to be on the load side of the fan switch.

It is especially important that you adhere to the ventilation and clearance requirements, the unit is installed in accordance with AS/NZS 3000:2000 Australian/New Zealand wiring rules, and the heating circuit and fan switches are wired in series so that the heating lamps can only function if the fan is operating. See wiring diagram below:


wiring diagram


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