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Draft Stoppa

For Ceiling Exhaust Fans

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Winner of the Housing Industry Association (HIA) 'GreenSmart - Product of the Year Award 2003', 'Draft Stoppa' will improve the energy efficiency of a home or office more effectively, and at a much lower cost than available alternatives.

Testing by 'Complex Air Conditioning Pty Ltd', indicates that, in areas where ceiling exhaust fans are installed, energy savings of up to 30% can be achieved by installing 'Draft Stoppa' units.

Test results show that, during Winter conditions (with an outside temperature of 1°C and an average room temperature of 15.5°C), warm air is lost to the roof cavity through an unsealed exhaust fan unit at up to 13 litre/second (when the fan is not running). This equates to more than 40m³ per hour of replacement air needing to be heated (at significant cost).


Save money…
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