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Zooma templates

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Zooma ® enlarging and reducing templates will show you instantly what ‘zoom factor’ to use on a flatbed photocopier or scanner with zoom facility.

Whether you want to enlarge a small image or reduce a large one, Zooma ® templates will enable you to do it accurately, and in the minimum number of steps.  In most cases (depending on the capability of the scanner or photocopier you are using), you will only need to make a single copy to obtain the image size you require.  If the zoom range of the scanner or photocopier is limited, simply enlarge or reduce as much as possible, then use Zooma ® templates on the copy to determine the extra zoom required to further enlarge or reduce the image.

$20 AUD Postage and handling extra


Draft Stoppa’ cowls will automatically reduce unwanted heat, odour, and dust transfer, as well as inhibiting insect entry through almost all common ceiling exhaust fans.

Installation is adaptable to most ceiling mounted "3-in-1 Heater/Exhaust Fan/Light units" that discharge air directly into a roof cavity.

$33 AUD Postage and handling extra

NB: The 'Draft Stoppa' is NOT SUITABLE for fan units that vent directly to the exterior atmosphere (e.g. via a shaft, duct or flue).


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